I took the decision this year to concentrate on working in my studio.

It was quite difficult at first as I know, from the work I produced, I was trying too hard; the ideas are overworked.

As the year has gone on, my work has loosened up and diversified. My work has focused on children, war, terrorism.

My daughter asked me whether people would really want these things on their wall?

My easy response was to create a couple of landscape etchings and play about with romantic notions but that's not the answer.

Is it?

The Last Supper




             Underachievers Diary


have become an important feature

 of my work,

altering or creating from a basic idea.



A Failed Grown Up



Red and Bound

                     Protected Art Form

 Today (Anyday)

A Spot of Bother

                      Tree Book

Romantic Notions

I played about with pulp, discarded lace and

other objects that I had found. Soothing, warm

and cosy subject matter.


The Retired Gardener

          The Only One

                            I Caught the Bouquet

The Last Trawl



I will still be working on these in 2012.

Trebarwith Strand is a beautiful place, 5

miles  from home. The rock reminds me

of a giant  swimming along. Tourists

wander around  Cornwall regardless

of the rain clouds.


                     Trebarwith Strand                                            


End of Year

Reconstructing the Boundaries

pulls together the  'Last Supper',

'Hope', 'Underachievers Diary'

'Failed Grown Up' and 'Sickened'.

It is a piece where the observer is challenged

to define their own standards.

                                                Reconstructing the Boundaries  

Virtual Strip

I came across a cutting and image in

the paper late November. Manchester

Airport was trialling a new security

device.  It attracted my attention

for many reasons and led me to explore

this  issue.

                                                             Virtual Strip1                                                             Virtual Strip2                                                   Virtual Strip3  


Wootton Bassett

I have been exploring aspects of our soldiers, particularly their deaths and the repatriation of their bodies, particularly to Wootton Bassett.

I have been working on two pieces, a drypoint and a fabric hanging.

These two topics take me into 2010.