2010 I began this year with ideas generated by Airport Security.

Wootton Bassett, repatriation and the courage of widows continues to move me.

The death of David Kelly unfolds, the Right to Die. I revisited Madeleine McCann. What can you say?


         This is the Modern World

Under Surveillance

                     25 December 09


                  Tourist or Terrorist

                            Security - Backscatter

Wootton Bassett


03/03/03 Blue on Blue


How Could You

Human Rights



David Kelly

Text Book Suicide

                    3 Stages of a Cover-Up

Someone Knows



I Lost It Here

  Family on the Beach

              Tourists in Cornwall

The exhibition in September was quite a landmark. I met some very interesting people and was greatly encouraged by their comments and enthusiasm.

Some of the pieces I am very pleased with whilst others, I shall rework the idea.

There are a couple that I shall send to the destroyed work folder.



Just how does the media present a story and how much of it we can really make sense of, never mind understand?



I saw Max Ernst's 'Dadaville' at the

Tate St. Ives,

 so I had a 2 minute construction.

In the spirit of things,

mine is called 'Recycleville'.

 (By the way, its the one on the right!)



Bits of wood and old nails took

my fancy in both

2 and 3d ideas.



 'It's About This' Series.








I had made the painting on the left, 'Optimism', on an old sheet with household paint. Later I went to Tate St.Ives and saw 'Thermal' by Peter Lanyon. For some reason, I thought they were similar!