2011 The numbers don't really look right this year.

After a sluggish start, I finally produced work from last year's ideas; the Chilean Miners, trapped underground for 62 days and the Field of Remembrance. I intended to start on turbines but then everything went beserk. How do you interpret the uprising in the middle east? the earthquake and tsunami? the royal wedding?

Whilst I am thinking, I have been playing with ideas about Turbines, the joint exhibition Against the Wind,  in Port Isaac, 2nd to 9th October 2011 seems ages away!

Plenty of time, I'm sure.......I have taken many photos of Turbines, done a duff painting and made an assemblage.

 I'm also doing two very difficult books at the same time. NOT a good idea.

Wild Turbines. Paint on canvas. 35cm x 45cm

Why are CD's given away in newspapers?

CD, feathers, reconstituted paper, reclaimed board. 30cm x 41cm


5 Turbines

8 Turbines

Gaia 1

Gaia 2   


Eerie 2


Blot 2









Pulp Turbines 1

Pulp Turbines 2

Pulp Turbines 3

Pulp Turbines 4


Recycle 2

Recycle 3

Recycle 4

Recycle 5

Tryptic 1

Tryptic 2

Tryptic 3

Lone Turbine

Old Turbines

                     Here Comes The Weather

                 Race of Giants


In A Line

                         In Another Line


                                                   Decorative Turbines                    Not  

                          Book Cover

                                                                       Twin Turbines




Field of Remembrance


 The Commoner Marries

The Chilean Miners.


The Day Before, left, is when they were trapped,

 having no idea that rescue was so close.


The Day, right, is when they popped out of the

 ground, like corks!

Unfinished and abandoned! 


I was skyping my

daughter in Ecuador

when she had her

 laptop stolen as

she used it.



Decorative Books made for the Wadebridge Bookshop Christmas Display




Spent the latter half of the year renovating the old cottage into the Gallery.

Held a number of successful pop up exhibitions, met some great people and it was fun whilst it lasted.