2012 I began this year working on a programme for the new Gallery.

It takes so much time that I have very little time to work on my own ideas, but I will gain momentum!







   Hockney, Moss & Munch.

                  I read Hockney's comments about smoking.

        He makes me laugh,typical tike!

The Saltaire Gallery, my home town, is fantastic!



Pages From The Altered Book. Jo Brand 'Look Back In Hunger'.

Pearls of Wisdom, Happy Smiley Faces, Pages In Stitches and Bursting at the Seams, Rainbow of Emotions

March Of The Turbines

A small book using chocolate wrappers, healthy food images and cuttings from a newspaper. Made by sticking and machine sewing



Because of the Gallery, I have spent less time in the studio and more time on sketchbook work and ipad doodles.

Down The Valley

Bradley Wiggins

       Played about fusing plastic bags!




A small book, using cuttings from papers,

 stitched. painted and unravelling.












Earlier in the year, I read a report about a Greek woman, affected by the financial crisis.

She believed  she had no value, no prospects and could not provide for her child.

She was ready to throw herself from a window-ledge, believing that her daughter would be better cared for by

 some other person or by the state.