I am astounded by the number of  'jumpers' that are being reported in the news. There is not a week goes by without the sad occasion being reported.

I am continuing the work I started last year.

I have been involved with TravelogueKernow for one day in Wadebridge, great project.

                    Bridge                                                              The Drugs Don't Work 2      

Another 'booklet' of that dreadful man.

Cuttings, glue, machine stitching


Lots of work in sketch book, inspired by Bowie at the V&A


1925 to 2013



I have to include this 'renovation' work, it makes me laugh so much.





                        High Jinx 2                  High Jinx

 Walking around Chichester

everyone seemed to have

become a mobile phone!

Chatty, happy, angry, all

of them loud!


I stumbled across an unusual door in Chatellerault and it started a Hearts Collection


The Drugs Don't Work                                                                                                                              The Last Jump                             


I really don't know where this year has gone.

What lies in store for next year?