Field Of Remembrance (2011) Handmade paper, handmade felt poppies, paint, print. Thought it appropriate to re-list this.

Photographs taken of the poppies being dismantled on a grey day.



Work made for 'Salon De Textes',

curated by

Delpha Hudson.

Left, 'When life flicks that switch'.

Poem by Cathy Preston.

etching, collage, handwriting.

Right, 'The down things are well since above'

Poem by Jim Pope.

collage, handwriting.




Style influenced by Pauline Boty. Exhibition and talk at Pallant House, Chichester.

Frequently, by the roadside, I see a vase of fresh flowers and colourful plastic windmills. This illusion has a darker side.

The Roadside Series

No.1. print, collage.

No. 2. handmade paper, paint, collage

No.3. collage




                                                                                                                            No. 5. print
           No.4. handmade paper, collage, paint.                                                                                                               No. 6 print, collage







                                No.7. print,collage
                            No. 8. print, collage                  No.9. fabric, paint, paper, pen



After Sandra Blow in Penzance.

                                       In A Hurry                   18 Months Old                                             The Day of the Letter

The programme, Who are You, the exhibition by Grayson Perry, combined with global happenings produced the series

Who Are They?

                                            No.1                                                                                          No. 2


Object-textes by Delpha Hudson

This particularly interests me within the context of

Who are They?

Delpha has presented a 'lady', in oriental costume. She is then placed within a wooden box and surrounded by French discussion, written in white ink.

Delpha collects objects, researches them, and arranges to form a composition.

 I have the research thrust at me through the papers, and the composition formulates itself.

What we think we see, is often not so.