Lynda Powney artist.........

    about     Born in Colne, Lancashire.

                        B.Ed Honours, Bingley College of Education, Yorkshire. 

                        Masters in Education, York University, North Yorkshire.

                        Masters in Printmaking. Bradford Art College, Yorkshire.

                        Based in Cornwall since 2003.

                        Opened Kings Acre Gallery 2010 to 2012

                        Attend John Howard Print Studios, Penryn

                        Attend John Blight Studio / Camelford Gallery.


Until very recently, my work did not include painting.

I worked with print, found objects and books.

I altered and made artefacts using fabric, drills, sewing machine, alongside etching and other printmaking techniques.

In 2017 I was encouraged by a colleague to take up oil painting.

I feel that it has enabled me to approach my print making with fresh eyes.

    Throughout my career, creatively, I have been very spasmodic in my approach.

I have raised a family, taught, run a business and had random exhibitions.

I think, like most creative people, 2020 has closed many doors but opened others.

I like(d) going to exhibitions and galleries, most recently seeing Lucien Freud and Sir Antony Gormley.

I enjoy the work of Pop Artists, namely David Hockney, a Bradfordian, and love Vermeer.

I am influenced by social and political events.