In July 2015, Camelford Look Group aimed to produce a body of work celebrating 40 years of Barbara Hepworth at the Tate.
The work was to be displayed at the extended and newly opened Tate Gallery, St Ives.
In April 2016, it was hung in the Porthmere Studios, then at Terre Verte in Altarnun.
The Look Group discussed ideas collectively yet worked independently.
The group, Katia, Mark Gibbons, Lynda Powney, Maddi Precious, Ida Swearingen, Helen Wood and Judy Wrigley,
used photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, writing, inspired by visits to the Sculpture Garden and Studio.

Porthmere Studios






Terre Verte, Altarnun.


My Work


'Preserve My Reputation Alan'

sand, smoke, pencil, text, felt tip.


5 Etchings.

'The Whole of the Garden'

 Fabric, pencil, machine stitching.

'Life Unravels as The Holes Grew Bigger'


96 days of Holes.

Builders scrim. sewing machine