Swings and Things


After Fragonard.

These pieces were inspired by the work

of Fragonard and the antics of

a president


Forbidden Swing



                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bills Swing

                            Playing Out                                                               He Loves Me               Hush a Bye                                                                 Woosh

Not in My Backyard

My studio looks towards Gaia, the first

 wind farm in Cornwall. The shapes and

the future they present draws me to them. I

 particularly like the turbines with 3 blades.

Blue Turbine



Lone Turbine

         Love Turbines



Our move from Bradford.


Leaving Bradford




I enjoy recycling books, particularly autobiographies. To Russell Brand, I  added a theatrical aspect, using gold, words and paint.

 With Robbie Williams,' I cut up the pages and put them back together again.


Russell Brand My Booky Wook

                                   Robbie Williams Autobiography